The Secret to Getting Supersized…

(And How to Build a Better Penis Using Cock Rings)

The facts about manhood and male enhancement are out there, more steel-hard than anything else:

  • Very little scientific research has been conducted on male enlargement, which means that any claims of permanent enlargement are merely biased or anecdotal.
  • Men who had undergone male enhancement surgeries were found to be unsatisfied with the results of their operation. (A study from St. Peter’s Andrology Centre and Institute of Urology in London, England)
  • From cosmetic remedies (like trimming the pubic hair) to penile surgery, men worldwide seek a wide range of solutions to erectile dysfunction, which is the leading sexual woe in the male population today.

What do these trivia point to? Even in the face of near-desperation, you should be wary of long-term, permanent male enhancement “solutions” that tout themselves as the savior of your bedroom encounters. This leads to safe and effective options, such as penis ring that help push your manly potential to the limits…

A cock ring is an instant hero to keep you all pumped-up for sex – it speeds erection response, for one, and creates blood-tight erection that avoids “leaking” and stays steel-hard all night. But how do these cock rings work?

A cock ring is a constriction-based erection improver. It does this by encouraging blood flow to the penis, restricting blood from making an early exit, and producing a circulatory environment that supports harder, bigger, and mega erections!

Horseshoe cock rings are a popular type, and they boast of a shape tailored to the male genitalia and triggering unforgettably powerful sexual responses and sensitivity. Once a cock ring applies pressure to the male dorsal vein to be able to trigger a boner reflex, it keeps your penis all-conditioned and consistently hard and gives it a monstrous size through constriction.

What about other popular male enhancement choices that are widely applied today? Here’s the lowdown on each one of them, and it’s up to you to take a risk or not:

  1. Male enhancement pills – Is a boner pill a guarantee for longevity in bed? Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and an unbelievably extensive range of herbal supplements have been promoted through the years to awaken your inner giant. But the potential side effects are not sexy at all: cold and flu symptoms, headaches, stuffy nose, upset stomach, and even blindness. The horrors are not ones to be ignored…
  2. Penile surgery – Is there conclusive evidence that phalloplasty (penile surgical procedure) for lengthening and girth enhancement for widening work to fight erectile dysfunction – and without any health or reproductive side effect? None – and you’d be surprised at what the scientific literature says about this operation that’s NOT failsafe and effective at all!
  3. Penile exercises – These routines, like jelqing, involve risky movements of the penis… would you risk the future of your manhood?
  4. Psychosocial treatments –Talk therapy may take time to bring considerable results, and you or your partner may feel a little less uncomfortable as expected. Why not seek a handier male enhancement solution today?

 Rome wasn’t built in a day – sure, but why suffer through ineffective and dangerous ways to achieve rock-solid erections fit for royalty? Learn more about cock rings on this site and how to build a better penis safely, fast, and with maximum potential!